Character Dental Care Set

Character Dental Care Set

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Fan of the legendary South Korean boyband, BTS? Well, who isn’t! The question is how much of a BTS fan are you? If you're a hardcore fan, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to get the exclusive limited edition BTS Character Dental Care Set that includes the figures of all 7 members of your favorite BTS band in one cute little set! 

The limited-edition BTS Character Dental Care Set includes 7 adorable figures of everyone in BTS on 7 colored toothbrushes as well as 3 magnetic toothbrush holders, and a box of convenient, solid, lemon-flavored stone mouthwash. It also includes refills in case you need more mouthwash, plus extra toothbrush heads for each member! (How cool is that?) The brushes are made from a high-quality composite resin and feature a high-end PVC material for the colored figures on the cap. You can remove the figured cap from the toothbrush, and place it on the top of pens as well! 

The magnetic holders of the BTS Character Dental Care Set make it a lot easier for you to store your toothbrushes as the holders simply stick to the surface of your bathroom wall, allowing you to easily place your toothbrushes after each and every use. The holders also allow the toothbrushes to dry well in order to prevent the accumulation of any germs or bacteria. Scrub your gums, teeth, and tongue with BTS’ lemon-flavored mouthwash, and enjoy a fresh breath all day long!

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  • Perfect Dental Care Set for Every BTS Fan
  • Includes the Following:
  • *** 7 Detailed, Adorable High-Quality Figures of Everyone in BTS on 7 Colored Toothbrushes
  • *** 3 Magnetic Toothbrush Holders
  • *** 2 Packs of Convenient, Solid, Lemon-Flavored Stone Mouthwash
  • *** Extra Toothbrush Heads for Each Member! - 1 for each member - Total of 7
  • The Figure Cap Can Be Removed from the Toothbrush, and Put Onto Pens and Other Things as Well

Lemon-Flavored Stone Mouthwash (Sodium Fluoride)

  • Package: 1 quart (853 mg) / 12quarts (10.24g) individual packing
  • Ingredients: Sodium fluoride, DL-acidic acid, Hipromelose, saccharin sodium hydrate, maltitol, saitex, xylitol, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin E, Centella quantate, green tea extract, vitamin C, sodium carbonate, fiji-150, starch glyceride, citric acid, glycolic acid
  • Usage: Use 1 tablet in the mouth, grinding it. Scrub the gums, teeth, and tongue with friction and gargle with water and rinse them several times. Recommended use is 2-5 times a day.
  • Effectiveness: Cavity Prevention, Smell Removal & Oral Cleaning

Technical Specifications:

  • Brush Material: Composite Resin Cap
  • Brush Hardness: Soft Wool
  • Resisting Temperature: 70°C
  • Handle Material: ABS+AS
  • Figure (Character) Material: PVC
  • Made in Korea

How to Use the Magnetic Stand:

  • 1. Remove the sticker on the back of the holder, and fix it on the wall.
  • 2. Place the figure on a flat, free surface facing upwards.

Precautions for Figure Toothbrush 

  • 1. If the tip of the toothbrush is severely damaged, it may hurt the gums and teeth, so please exchange it immediately with a new one once it is damaged.
  • 2. Keep it out of reach of children.
  • 3. Avoid boiling or using UV sterilizers for a long time as toothbrushes may deform.

Precautions for the Lemon-Flavored Stone Mouthwash (Sodium Fluoride)

  • 1. Store in a cool place with no sunlight and less moisture.
  • 2. Avoid swallowing.
  • 3. The fluoride content of this product is 583 ppm (total content should be less than 1,000 ppm).
  • 4. If a child under 6 years of age swallowed a large amount, consult a doctor or a dentist immediately.
  • 5. Keep it out of reach of children under 6 years of age.

* Storage Method: Room temperature (1 to 30°C) 


  • 7 x Colored Toothbrushes with BTS Figures
  • 3 x Magnetic Toothbrush Holders
  • 2 x Pack of Convenient, Solid, Lemon-Flavored Stone Mouthwash
  • 7 x Extra Toothbrush Heads
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