Be more organized with the best packing experience.

Keeping our houses clean and tidy is such a dream for all of us that an unorganized house is a problem which needs a lot of expenses to solve. Nowadays, who doesn't seek to get rid of the messy and cluttered spaces in their houses?

Now it is time to end all the mess inside or outside your house.

Smart packing /storing gives you more space.

Today Rigoros 66L Living Box will change your experience about storing. Rigoros Living Box is a storage unit made with a lot of care to organize your home and save more space. It offers you an organized storing for all your storages such as clothes, toys and any other item in your house.

With Rigoros Living Box you can store whatever you want, this box will be your helpful friend throughout the day which you can use to store clothes, bed sheets and toys. You can also use it in the kitchen to store some of your canned foods such as sweet corn, beans and chips.

Just a box can do wonders.

But not any box, only Rigoros' 66L living box will be your most convenient way to store your messy staff and get more organized in order.

Rigoros' living box is extremely durable and very easy to use and built, thanks to the steel frame which is built inside the box to keep it in shape and give it a strong structure.

This strong structure offers you up to 60 kg of leads. Our box is easy to assemble, just open a zip on top and push the steel frames to the box's sides then your box is ready.

With the high quality material of the box your storage will be protected from dust and also water thanks to the waterproof material.

Rigoros living box makes your life more convenient.

When storing with Rigoros living box you get the easiest access to your storage contents, thanks to the transparency of the windows on the front and side of the box. You will have 2 side handles that help you move the box with no effort.

Rigoros living box is a great option even when it is not used, because it is a foldable box so it takes no space to store either in your closet or any other place around your house.

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