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1- Slimmit Men’s Sauna Shirt

Most men focus on muscle building in their workout routine, so there isn’t a lot of time for calorie-burning cardiovascular exercises. While muscles are strengthened in this case, some stubborn residual fat remains, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction.

Add the latest Slimmit Men’s Sauna Shirt to your gym wardrobe and you’ll boost the power of your workout instantly! The Sauna Shirt works on maximizing sweat, and helps you improve your posture, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, detoxify your immune system, shed excess water weight and lose unwanted fat!

You’ll get all these benefits simply by wearing the Sauna Shirt during your workout. It provides a great level of flexibility, comfort and breathability, so it won’t get in the way of your physical activity.

Lose unwanted belly fat forever and say hello to a healthier, fitter you with the Slimmit Men’s Sauna Shirt!

Slimmit Men’s Sauna Shirt Features:

  • Provides a great level of flexibility, comfort and breathability

  • Improves your posture

  • Increases your metabolism

  • Helps you burn more calories

  • Helps detoxify your immune system

  • Helps you shed excess water weight

  • Helps you lose weight faster

  • Includes a side zipper for ease of use

  • Boost the benefits of your regular workout

  • Colors: blue and black (reversible)

  • Neoprene material

2- Slimmit Black Sauna Belt Free Gift

Belly fat can be an annoying problem that doesn’t go away, even with the most extensive diet and exercise plans. Not everyone has the time to spend long hours doing cardio workouts just to get rid of belly fat.

The Slimmit Sauna Belt was created to specifically target the abdomen area, helping people rid their bodies of belly fat for good, with minimal effort or changes to their lifestyle.

You can put on the Slimmit Sauna Belt under any outfit, during any time of the day. You can wear it during your regular workout to boost its effectiveness, or you can wear it during daily activities so you can reap its benefits during your regular routine.

The light, comfortable material along with the adjustable strap helps you wear the Sauna Belt under any outfit comfortably.

The Slimmit Sauna Belt works by increasing your core temperature, allowing you to sweat more. This heat and sweat helps you increase your metabolic rate, rid your body of harmful toxins and burn tummy fat.

With the Slimmit Sauna Belt, you can now finally say goodbye to annoying belly fat forever, and get ready for a flat, sleek abdomen!

Slimmit Black Sauna Belt Features:

  • Light and comfortable Neoprene material

  • Free size with adjustable strap

  • Black

  • Increases core temperature during gym time or daily activities

  • Reduces tummy fat by maximizing sweat
1- Slimmit Men’s Sauna Shirt
2- FREE GIFT Slimmit Black Sauna Belt

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