Guilt-free fried food.

One of our celebrations for Ramadan is the tasty and delicious recipes. Middle East kitchen has some common dishes, such as sambusa, kabsa...

Sambusa and fries are such dishes that can make us feel guilty and unhealthy. Today, no more fats in our food with "FancyMiracle 5.5L Air Fryer”

 One of our favorite dishes on Ramadan Iftar is sambusa. It is one of the most popular recipes among the traditional dishes in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan.

As we all know, sambusa can include a high amount of oil & fats. That's why FancyMiracle 5.5L Air Fryer is here!

Enjoy your fried food but oil-free

FancyMiracle is always worried about you and your health. It offers you a 5.5L Air Fryer that allows you to enjoy fried sambusa with the same delicious taste but oil-free.

Cook delicious and crispy sambusa effortlessly.

Today with FancyMiracle, prepare your sambusa recipe most easily.

Sambusa recipe with meat and cheese.


The dough:

Flour- 3 cups.
Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoon.
1 teaspoon (salt - sugar)
Water - enough amount for mixing the dough.

The meat filling:

Minced meat - 400g.

Onion - 1 chopped.

Minced garlic - 1 teaspoon.


1 teaspoon of each (black pepper - sumac - mixed spices).

1/2 teaspoon (cinnamon powder.- cardamom)

salt as needed.

Cheese filling:

Cheese - 500g of your favorite cheese.

Chopped olive - as needed.

Chopped mint - 2 tablespoons.


Preparation Steps:

The dough:

Mix the dry ingredients, then add oil and water.
Mix gently and set aside for an hour.

The beef mix:

Put a pan on low heat to saute onion and garlic, then add the minced beef.

Add the spices and keep stirring.

Cover until it is cooked.

The cheese mix:

Mix cheese, olive, and chopped mint all together to make a paste.


Now, create your bites of happiness.

1- Thinly roll the dough and cut it into circles.

2- Put enough amount of beef or cheese in each circle.

3- Form each circle into a semi-circle by twisting the edges.

4- Turn on your FancyMiracle 5.5L Air Fryer.

5- Preheat the Air Fryer with the needed temperature by the adjustable thermostat that gives you full control over the temperature for each type of food.

6- Start to fill the air fryer with your sambusa. You can put as much as you want because of its large capacity and the high efficient motor 1800 W which are sufficient enough to let you cook and fry large amounts of food just right away.

* We assure you that you will enjoy your fried food 85% fat less which means guilt-free fried sambusa thanks to the Rapid Air Technology in FancyMiracle Air Fryer. This technique helps cooking your favorite fried food with no oil, so no need for excessive consumption of oil.

7- Now all you have to do is setting the timer for sambusa, and don’t worry about your recipe that the fryer will automatically switch off when sambusa is done.



In the end, FancyMiracle 5.5 l Air Fryer is considering your nightmares while cooking.